Club History

8th December 1921.

The first public meeting was held and the club was formed.

The following office bearers were elected:
President Dr. R Rankine
Secretary L Raffells
Treasurer A Dice
Club Captain W Schwarer

Other notable locals who made up the first members were:
J Leddy, R Kebby, Chas Barsby, and A Elrington.

During 1923.

The first Club House was opened primarily to house a boat.




17th November 1935.

A more substantial two story timber club house was opened.




1934 and 1935.

Club Captain Ritchie Walker won the Australian belt championships.


1937 – 1938 Branch

Junior Belt Champion George Johnston
Senior Belt Champion Ritchie Walker

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18th February 1957

The epic and heroic story of the John Westaway’s 3 hour rescue made by 6 surf club members in huge sea off the “Little Knobby”

20th February 1960.

N.S.W Surf Championship Carnival.

1966 / 67 Season.

Ground floor renovations were done to allow Kempsey patrol members to stay overnight.

Early 1970’s

Demolition of the clubhouse to make way for stage one of a new brick club house.

8th October 1972.

MLA J H Brown opened stage one (Ground floor) of the new clubhouse.

18th October 1981.

Sir Adrian Curlewis opened the second floor of club house.
Pictured below during construction by voluntary members.


7th December 1996.

The Frank R “Strangler” Lewis Memorial Boatshed was opened in Kempsey, to enable crews to train in the Macleay River.
The Shire Council provided this site in exchange for the Ladies Surf Club site which was located where the children’s playground is now located at Crescent Head.

Boat shed

This boat shed was built by club volunteers.


18th November 2014.

The existing Crescent Head clubhouse shown below was demolished.
Brick cancer and rusted arch bars made renovation not viable.



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2015 Under construction


December 2015.

After almost two seasons operating out of two shipping containers, the new clubhouse was sufficiently finished to allow it to be operational.


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