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Surf Life Saving and Crescent Head SLSC continue to attract people from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking to find a new sport, meet new friends, or develop new skills, we have it all.

Who can join Crescent Head SLSC?

Absolutely anyone! Surf Life Saving Australia is the number one community based frontline rescue service and needs a membership of skilled male and female lifesavers. As long as you have got a positive attitude, you are perfect; we will give you the opportunities and training to become a surf life saver.

What do we do?

A surf lifesaver is a trained volunteer that patrols our beaches on the weekend and public holidays. We undertake a number of roles including aquatic rescues, providing first aid and emergency care and providing surf safety information to the public.

What do I get out of being a surf lifesaver?

Crescent Head offers its members many useful skills and a great deal of satisfaction. As a member you can expect to:

  • Have a lot of fun
  • Get physically fit
  • Build teamwork skills
  • Be competitive
  • Meet a network of friends
  • Perform a vital job in the community
  • Learn lifesaving skills
  • Access great facilities & resources

Becoming a surf lifesaver is satisfying, fun and rewarding. You can lead a fit and healthy lifestyle, become trained in aquatic safety skills, make new friends, compete in surf sports, enjoy the many social occasions and events throughout the season, and give something back to your local community. You may also help save someone’s life one day.

What do I have to do to be a surf lifesaver at Crescent Head?

Firstly, you must be 15 or turn 15 before the end of the season (April) to obtain your Bronze Medallion, and be a full patrolling member. For members between the ages of 13 and 15, completing an SRC (Surf Rescue Certificate) will teach a number of Life Saving Skills and enable you to be a patrolling member under the supervision of the patrol captain. The next step is to obtain a membership form. All new members are considered probationary until you have completed the requirements as set prior to the commencement of the season by the club Management committee. If you fulfil these requirements over your first season you will then be considered for election to Active membership by the committees of the Club.

So how do I join?

Please complete and submit the form below:


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If you suffer or you have suffered from any disease or any physical or mental disability (eg, epilepsy, diabetes or any permanent disability to a limb, eye or ear) likely to affect your efficiency as a Club member, it may affect your safety and the safety of the public. You should consult your medical practitioner and SLSA prior to commencing any surf lifesaving activity. You should take part in a Hepatitis B vaccination program.


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To make payment please pay directly to :

Account Name: Kempsey Crescent Head SLSC Inc

BSB: 704-189

Account Number: 00005251

Please reference : Membership, Initial and Surname (ie Membership J.Smith)

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