Nippers Season Information

Nippers Sign on Dates 2019/20

The nippers swim proficiencies and sign on days will be held at the Crescent Head Pool on Sunday 22 and 29 September from midday to 1pm. There will also be a swim on Saturday 28 September at the Kempsey pool from 10-11am.

Nippers aged 8 and above need complete a pool swim proficiency at the same time so bring your swimmers.

For Nippers wishing to compete in branch or championship days, they will also need to complete an ocean swim which we aim to hold on Sunday 20 October.

Start Date

Nippers for the 2019/20 season is due to start on Sunday  20 October from 9:30am. Kids will hit the beach and do a warm up and some water safety activities on the sand and will only enter the water once patrol has signed on.

Club Championship Days

A club championship day, is a day that allows all of our nippers training and skills to be put to the test. It is a fun way for our nippers to see how they are tracking in a fun and friendly environment. It helps our nippers familiarise themselves with competition. There will be a range of activities that will suit all age groups.

Although Nippers are awarded points for competing and finishing in the top 4 positions, the Club Championship day is still all about having fun.

Championship days will be held on

  • TBD

Club championship days are used to help provide awards at the end of the season.

1st = 5 points

2nd = 4 points

3rd = 3 points

4th = 2 points

Each competitor receives a point for trying an event.

Christmas Break

To allow our kids and families to make the most of the summer holidays the last nippers session will be Sunday 15 December. Nippers wll recommence on 2 February 2020 at 9:30am.

We will have a Christmas Party following Nippers on Sunday 16 December. There will be a free BBQ and we ask that parents bring along a plate of salads or dessert.  Parents and grandparents are welcome to attend and we ask that you RSVP to allow for  catering. We will remind you on Sunday mornings.

End of Season

The last Nippers session for the year will be  Sunday 22 March 2020. There will be a club presentation however we have not yet finalised details.

We have set up a Nippers specific facebook page which can be found by following the link below

Weekly updates will be posted to this site.

Instagram #crescentheadnippers#

We are always looking for help so if you are keen to help out please contact us at:

There will be more information in the coming weeks.